Poll: 68% agree Westminster needs ‘urgent reform’

Research carried out by BMG for the Electoral Reform Society this week has found that 68% of people around Britain support “urgent reform” to the Westminster political system. The pollster surveyed 3,000 people and found particularly strong support for political reform among older voters, people who voted to leave the EU, and ‘working class’ voters, […]

Blog: Unsustainable Devolution

On Friday October 27th, the Catalan parliament in Barcelona issued a declaration of independence, proclaiming Catalonia to be a sovereign and independent republic, separate from Spain. Of course the validity and legality of this dramatic step is, as I write, deeply contested both within and beyond Catalonia, but support is stronger than ever, in part […]

Brief Statement on Catalonia

The Spanish government is engaged in a systematic attempt to undermine democracy in the region of Catalonia. They have threatened to arrest 700 elected mayors, other elected officials and the former head of the government. They have conducted raids of newspapers and other media organisations, and shut down a number of websites. They seized ballot […]

The perfect storm is brewing

Nigel Farage claimed yesterday that the European Union is facing a ‘huge existential crisis’ but the truth is that as he spoke, it was a different union, the United Kingdom, that appeared to be at ever greater risk of a colossal collapse under the weight of Brexit, in spite of the fact that negotiations are yet […]

Devolution: a flawed process exposed by the Supreme Court

When the Supreme Court published its ruling on the Article 50 case, it was one of the most significant developments in the UK’s recent constitutional history. The sovereignty of parliament was upheld, and Britain’s established model of representative democracy was reaffirmed, placing a clear constitutional limit on the executive power of the Prime Minister and […]

On Brexit and the future for federalism in the UK

On June the 23rd 2016 the government of David Cameron finally fulfilled a pledge to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union which he had arguably been gradually cornered into by the eurosceptic quarter of his Conservative party and the threatening rise of UKIP. The validity and applicability of the result of […]