Stronger Towns Fund: This isn’t bribery, it’s daylight robbery.

On Monday (4 March) the government announced its ‘Stronger Towns Fund’ which it hailed as “a £1.6 billion fund to boost growth and give communities a greater say in their future after Brexit”.  Most of the media’s coverage of this has focused on claims that this fund is in fact an attempt by the Prime […]

Blog: We need English devolution, not metro mayors

In December last year residents of Doncaster and Barnsley voted to reject the government’s ‘Sheffield City Region’ combined authority which will see an elected metro mayor in a region straddling South Yorkshire, and parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has persistently rejected demands from many of the region’s politicians, including MPs and […]

Blog: Unsustainable Devolution

On Friday October 27th, the Catalan parliament in Barcelona issued a declaration of independence, proclaiming Catalonia to be a sovereign and independent republic, separate from Spain. Of course the validity and legality of this dramatic step is, as I write, deeply contested both within and beyond Catalonia, but support is stronger than ever, in part […]

Devolution: a flawed process exposed by the Supreme Court

When the Supreme Court published its ruling on the Article 50 case, it was one of the most significant developments in the UK’s recent constitutional history. The sovereignty of parliament was upheld, and Britain’s established model of representative democracy was reaffirmed, placing a clear constitutional limit on the executive power of the Prime Minister and […]

‘English Votes for English Laws’ cannot deliver devolution for England

The 2015 General Election left us with a new balance of power that has the potential to massively transform the way British politics works and fundamentally reshape the relationship between Westminster and the nations and regions of the UK. This week the Scottish National Party, empowered by their election success and the strength of their […]