Stronger Towns Fund: This isn’t bribery, it’s daylight robbery.

On Monday (4 March) the government announced its ‘Stronger Towns Fund’ which it hailed as “a £1.6 billion fund to boost growth and give communities a greater say in their future after Brexit”.  Most of the media’s coverage of this has focused on claims that this fund is in fact an attempt by the Prime […]

Blog: Brexit chaos blazons the urgency of reform

Earlier this month the Japanese car maker Honda revealed (18/2/19) are likely to close their Swindon factory in the coming years, putting all 3,500 of their employees at the site out of work. This news came just a day after the airline FlyBmi collapsed and earlier this month the decision by Nissan not to build […]

Federalist Party Responds to Labour and Tory Resignations

Federalist Party Statement Wednesday 20 February, 2019 We welcome the bold move taken this week by Labour and Conservative MPs to split from their Parties. We support them and all the others, both Labour and Conservative who are increasingly arriving at the conclusion that their traditional parties no longer adequately represent them or their constituents. […]

Federalist Party Rejects Deal, Calls for Referendum

The Federalist Party categorically rejects the proposed withdrawal agreement on the basis that it undermines the United Kingdom’s democracy, integrity and sovereignty. It also fails to protect the rights of British citizens of the European Union not currently exercising those rights. We call for the agreement to be subject to a new and binding referendum. […]

Federalist Party supports People’s Vote campaign

People’s Vote campaign logo. In January this year the Federalist Party called for a new referendum to be held on the outcome of the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union after the 2016 referendum vote. Today we are supporting the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign for a new referendum. We are calling on all of our […]