• We believe in a future for the UK of federal democracy where power is distributed efficiently and fairly between Westminster and the Home Nations and where decisions are always taken as closely as is practical to the people affected by them.
  • We envisage a rebirth of our local communities up and down the UK. We will strengthen local government, especially parish and town councils to move power closer to the people and away from distant bureaucrats.
  • We believe in the values on which our NHS was founded and want to make sure it’s there for everyone by providing the money it needs to deliver vital services today, and investment to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We will enhance local control of the NHS and other public services so they can be fit for local needs.
  • All children in primary and secondary schools wherever they are in the UK should receive the same high standard of education, and the same opportunities to make the best start in life. We want to see all state schools brought back under Local Education Authorities and all children being taught the National Curriculum.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses are cornerstones of the local economy throughout the UK. We believe encouraging entrepreneurship is crucial to our future prosperity, and favour a new business tax system, allowing local authorities to set and collect tax rates for local businesses so they can be adjusted to meet local economic conditions, and to be able to use low rates to attract more jobs when they’re most needed.
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