The Federalist Party is committed to the goal of transferring power away from distant, centralised and excessively bureaucratic government and into the hands of local people and communities around the UK. By empowering our communities to make the best decisions to suit their own specific needs and enhancing transparency and accountability, we will ignite a rebirth of our communities and our democracy and do away with the blight of excessive bureaucracy and the corruption it invites.

We will strengthen the role of town and parish councils by giving them a much greater voice in local planning decisions. They should have the power to veto major development proposals which do not fit within the limits of the Local or Neighbourhood Plan. This power would enable communities to secure investment in local facilities, and services such as libraries, doctor’s surgeries, or even local schools or Sure Start centres. Local people will have the power to ensure that the scale and pace of development in their area is sustainable, meets local needs and delivers long term benefits for the community.

We believe that lowest level of local government should be held to the same standards of governance and accountability as at any other level of democratic government. We will therefore work to reform the way parish, town and community councils work in England and Wales to ensure strong, efficient and above all else, transparent governance of our communities. We will seek to ensure that the representation of communities on parish and town councils is open, inclusive and broad, empowering local people together, and not just limited groups with vested interests.

Local government in the UK is responsible for delivering or administering many of the most frequently used and most important public services to local residents, yet the financing of our councils is inefficient and too often leaves them dependent on cash handouts from central government, or forced to resort to selling off local community assets in order to raise money or cut costs. We want to reform local government financing to empower councils and local communities to have much greater control over how money is raised through local taxation, and not just how it is spent.

Housing is an increasingly important issue in the UK. We will seek to ensure that local authorities are able to meet local needs for social housing with a diverse stock of new homes. We will also seek to ensure a greater proportion of new homes in the private sector are affordable, and cap the number of new homes valued above the local average.

We will oppose any centralisation of powers at local, regional or national levels of government that moves power away from a more local level in a manner inconsistent with the principle of subsidiarity.

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