Party Policy

Our party and its policies are guided by a set of fundamental principles which include subsidiaritygrassroots democracyself-determinationcosmopolitanismpluriculturalismsustainable development and human rights.

What We Stand For

Five Key Policies

Our five core policies on federalism, localism, the NHS, education and small and local businesses.


Transforming Our Democracy

The fundamental idea at the heart of our party is federalism, the sharing and distribution of power between different tiers of democratic government in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity...

Communities and Local Government

Empowering Our Communities

We are committed to the goal of transferring power away from distant, centralised and excessively bureaucratic government and into the hands of local people and communities around the UK...

Health and the NHS

Investing in Our Hospitals

We are proud of the NHS and its achievements over the years and every single day providing comprehensive healthcare for everyone, free at the point of use and delivered according to patient need and not ability to pay...


Free Education from Primary School to University

Education has a transformative power, not just for individuals, but families, communities and wider society. We believe that proper investment in our education system is essential...

Small and Local Business

Supporting Startups

The Federalist Party puts local interests first, and this logically extends to local businesses. It is imperative that local businesses are treated well as they form the cornerstone of local economies...