Sign the federal pledge – before the next uk general election

1. Work to get a new Brexit Deal that is agreed to by the EU that Parliament can then   agree to put to UK citizens in a confirmatory vote. (if no new deal can be done, then existing deal should be presented)

2. Hold a referendum on the agreed deal a “people’s vote” with the option to Remain as the single alternative.

3. Honour the result of the vote which would then have consent of the EU, Parliament and the People.

4. Pass a Bill to change Britain’s voting system to a Proportional one.

5. Start the process to produce a Codified written Federal Constitution so that in future all home nations of the United Kingdom and regions of England are recognised fairly to prevent unfair manipulation and domination. And so ensuring the entire population is represented by a tier of governance equivalent to a state within a federal constitution.

6. Set up citizen’s assemblies to enable all citizens who reside in the UK to participate in this process.

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