Federalist Party Statement
Wednesday 20 February, 2019

We welcome the bold move taken this week by Labour and Conservative MPs to split from their Parties.

We support them and all the others, both Labour and Conservative who are increasingly arriving at the conclusion that their traditional parties no longer adequately represent them or their constituents.

Westminster’s top-down decision making, and two-party system has created a society where the interests and protection of large sections of the population have been allowed to be largely ignored, instead allowing the focus to be on internal rivalries and the increasingly ideologically oriented focuses of the socialist left and the nationalist right – all at a time when the country desperately needs pragmatic solutions and consensus-building politics.

A new politics is needed. A politics re-built from the grassroots up, where the people choose how they are governed, and at what level. A politics where different interests can form new parties to be elected representatively and govern by coalition.

Only by allowing a multitude of interests to be represented can we get away from today’s polarised playground politics and ensure government by a coalition of the diverse interests, to more accurately reflect the diverse interests of our people. We ask The Independent Group to work with us to fix our broken system.

Download: Press Release.

Westminster isn't working. It's time to fix it.

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