Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House

On Saturday 19th January the Federalist Party held its Annual General Meeting in Edinburgh. The meeting received reports on the party’s political and campaigning activities for 2018 as well as a report on the party’s finances. Members then discussed and approved the party’s new constitution which provides clearer governance and facilitates the party’s regulatory compliance under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. The document also sets out the party’s fundamental principles and makes the party’s Code of Conduct binding on activists and representatives of the party. The meeting then carried out leadership and board elections. The current leader, Robert Jones, was re-elected. The Board members Stuart Clark, Alex Gunter and Stephan Nedregaard were also re-elected. The meeting also elected a new member of the Board, Bryn Powell. We welcome Bryn to the board and look forward to working with him!

In addition to its formal business, the AGM was also an opportunity for discussion and debate about a wide range of different issues, from Brexit to electoral reform as well as political and campaign strategy for the coming year.

In 2019 there will be local elections in many parts of England as well as Northern Ireland. We are keen to hear from anyone interested in standing as a candidate. Putting up candidates in local elections is key to establishing our party and creating opportunities for future electoral success, not to mention gaining vital experience!

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