On Tuesday 11 December 2018 Federalist Party members took part in the People’s Lobby for Proportional Representation, a day of lobbying and other events at Westminster organised by the campaign group Make Votes Matter. The event brought together a wide range of people from different political parties and campaigns as well as independents to meet with and lobby MPs for electoral reform. The day was supported by a number of MPs and Lords, including Caroline Lucas, Vince Cable, Stephen Kinnock, Jenny Jones and Tommy Shepperd.

Make Votes Matter lobbyists on Parliament Square. Photo: Joseph Casey/Make Votes Matter

The need for urgent electoral reform couldn’t be clearer or stronger today, as the UK’s political system and parliament continues to be enveloped in chaos over the question of how to proceed with Brexit. If the UK had a parliament which was fairer and proportional, it is debatable whether either a referendum or the ensuing political deadlock would be necessary since voices calling for the UK to leave the EU would have achieved greater representation much sooner. Parliament today remains out of step with the views of many sections of public opinion.

Stuart Clark (L) and Robert Jones (R)

Federalist Party leader Robert Jones and Board member Stuart Clark took part in the events throughout the day lobbying MPs and attending the Democracy Awards to honour parliamentarians and campaigners who are fighting for a fairer democracy through electoral reform.

“The Federalist Party is thoroughly committed to supporting electoral reform, in particular proportional representation. We believe it is extremely important for all elections – local and national – throughout the United Kingdom. It is a crucial step towards a way of doing politics which will be open, fair, transparent and responsive to ordinary people and communities. As things stand with First Past the Post which contributes to widespread disillusionment and disenfranchisement. They are the driving factors not just behind political apathy, preventing effective solutions to real everyday political problems, but also behind the desire of many people for the UK to leave the European Union. A more responsive political system will allow important issues to be debated and addressed in a balanced and fair way, giving voice to all communities. We will be able to avoid divisive referendums that satisfy nobody.”

Robert Jones, Federalist Party leader

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