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Monday 10 December, 2018

On Tuesday MPs were to vote on the deal the Government has put forward for the UK to Leave the European Union.

We feel their deal does not deliver on the promises made to the people, and we encourage all MPs to vote against it when the time eventually comes.

After two years of hard negotiation, this deal is all they have achieved. And unlike the fantasies of different Brexiters, the EU clearly won’tallow for a deal without a backstop, while Norway won’t allow an EFTA/Norway+arrangement.

Labour will no doubt push for a General Election, but does not have the numbers to get a no confidence vote passed. Theresa May has gone through similar ordeals before and we find it likely she will prevail once again.

A second referendum seems to be the most reasonable outcome of this political lockdown. Meaning the people get to give their informed consent,as we believe they should be entitled to.

We believe the choices in any referendum should be to Stay in the EU or to Accept the negotiated deal. In our opinion the only possible deal other than the current one would amount to a Brexit in name only, which would be the worst possible betrayal of the public will, so while this is not the Leave many wanted, it’s the only Leave we’ll be able to get.

Leaving without a deal would be so disastrous it is no longer being seriously considered. The impact of a no deal Brexit on jobs and citizens’ economic outlooks, the prospect of losing jobs and homes, is not something to be taken lightly. Even if Bank forecasts are seen as slightly pessimistic,we simply cannot afford the social and economic effects this would have on our citizens.

We will of course accept the result of the referendum, whatever it is. But we fundamentally believe it is necessary — that the deal is so different from what many voters thought they were backing in the referendum that it needs to be legitimised by another vote.

Robert Jones, Party Leader

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