The Federalist Party categorically rejects the proposed withdrawal agreement on the basis that it undermines the United Kingdom’s democracy, integrity and sovereignty. It also fails to protect the rights of British citizens of the European Union not currently exercising those rights. We call for the agreement to be subject to a new and binding referendum.

The government has failed to find a permanent solution to the situation regarding the Northern Irish border, and the temporary solution which is proposed will lock the UK into a ‘backstop’ which will see Britain subjected to EU laws, regulations and legal judgements, whilst being systematically excluded from any and all processes of democratic decision making. Furthermore, the customs arrangements prevent the UK from entering into any trade agreements with other countries without the expressed consent of the EU.

The terms they have agreed to are a betrayal of the demands and expectations of voters which were made clear in the referendum. Many people who voted ‘leave’ did so because they believed that the UK’s sovereignty and independence was diminished by our membership of the EU. The reality of the situation has now been exposed by the negotiations and the deal the government has obtained.

This agreement is an assault on the basic principles of democracy and democratic representation. It threatens to end the political independence and sovereignty of the United Kingdom and its people. It terminates the UK’s status as a member of the EU, equal among 28 nations, and replaces it with a status of political and economic subjugation. Furthermore, by its exceptional treatment of Northern Ireland, the agreement critically undermines the political and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.

This agreement falls desperately short of the government’s own criteria for the implementation of the 2016 referendum result. The extent of the compromises Theresa May’s government has accepted are a measure of the importance of Europe to the British economy, and expose the fundamental contradictions in the original arguments for Brexit.

The government, in negotiating this agreement, has sacrificed democracy, political legitimacy and our future sovereignty in order to protect the UK from the worst economic risks of Brexit. It has also cost, at a minimum, £39 billion in continuing contributions to the EU budget.

We call on the parliament of the United Kingdom to exercise its authority and its responsibility subject this process to the highest level of transparency and scrutiny possible, to put the proposed deal to the people in a referendum, with remain as an option.

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