Research carried out by BMG for the Electoral Reform Society this week has found that 68% of people around Britain support “urgent reform” to the Westminster political system. The pollster surveyed 3,000 people and found particularly strong support for political reform among older voters, people who voted to leave the EU, and ‘working class’ voters, according to the Huffington Post.

The Electoral Reform Society responded by pointing out that “the centralisation of power in Westminster makes the UK the European leader on regional inequality while the unelected House of Lords is a drain on the public purse. And Westminster’s archaic voting system deprives millions of a voice.”

Federalist Party leader Robert Jones commented: “The UK’s ancient political system enshrines tradition at the expense of democracy, leaving millions upon millions of us from all corners of the British Isles feeling disconnected and disenfranchised, prey to a deeply bureaucratic, inefficient and often corrupt political establishment which simply cannot look out for the best interests of local communities and regions of Britain.”

“People are now demanding serious and urgent reform our political system. We need to reverse the centralisation that leads to regional inequalities and underdevelopment. We need to cut off the expensive, unnecessary and undemocratic bureaucracy in Whitehall. We need to replace our ridiculously outdated voting system with one which will give us governments that actually reflect the way people voted.”

“These things the Federalist Party is campaigning for and we will continue to do so. This poll shows that these demands are increasingly urgent. The big parties will no longer be able to afford to ignore them.”

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