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In January this year the Federalist Party called for a new referendum to be held on the outcome of the UK’s Brexit negotiations with the European Union after the 2016 referendum vote. Today we are supporting the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign for a new referendum. We are calling on all of our members and supporters, however they might have voted in 2016, to support the campaign and to join us on October 20 as we march in London to demand a new referendum. We are not marching to stop Brexit, though some of us may well hope for that, nor to undermine the negotiations, but to insist that it is the people of the UK, not the political elite, who should make the final decision on the outcome of the negotiations.

Federalist Party leader, Robert Jones, explained: “The People’s Vote campaign is not about trying to stop Brexit. It’s not about trying to overturn the result of the first referendum. We believe that the British people should have a second vote, not on the same question, but on the final agreement the government reaches with Brussels, or indeed ‘no deal’ if that is the outcome.

“This is not about questioning the government’s mandate to negotiate Brexit, but asserting the right of the people to make a final decision, in the same democratic spirit in which the first referendum was held. Extremists on both sides of the debate either want to ignore the will of the people and overturn the result, or they want to hijack that result to pursue their own ideological ends of a hard Brexit.

“We need a new referendum to ensure that the negotiations have produced a result which carries the support of the people today, in light of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the last two years, and on the specifics of the deal negotiated by Theresa May. We call on the government to allow the British people to have the final say!”

The Federalist Party is also backing the Independent’s ‘Final Say’ petition, calling for a second referendum. We encourage members and supporters to sign the petition on Change.org.

Disclaimer: The Federalist Party is not affiliated to or a member of the People’s Vote campaign, or any of the organisations of which it is comprised. We do not necessarily endorse those organisations, nor do we suggest any endorsement of the Federalist Party by them.

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