At the Sixth Federalist Convention held in Brussels on December 3 2016, delegates from the European Federalist Party, of which the Federalist Party of the United Kingdom has been a constituent part since 2011, agreed to a merger with two other organisations creating a new organisation which is called ‘Stand Up for Europe’. To this end, a single set of bylaws and a policy programme was agreed and adopted, establishing a new internal organisation under which City Teams are to be established and developed in localities around Europe as the main focus of our political strategy.

On Saturday 25 February 2017 the Board of the Federalist Party met in London to discuss this development and consider the future of our party within the new European structure. Whilst we welcome the fresh approach and new relationship that Stand Up for Europe introduces, and recognise that it can and does work successfully under the appropriate conditions, it was thought that, considering the United Kingdom’s political system, the existing approach of a UK-wide political party, coordinated at the national level, would be more effective.

Therefore, the Board agreed that the Federalist Party of the United Kingdom should continue to pursue its existing organisational and political strategy within the UK. The Federalist Party will adopt a greater focus on the promotion of federalism, not just at the European level, but more importantly within the United Kingdom and worldwide. We believe that federalism offers the prospect of a political reform in Britain that can repair and restore faith in our political system, and reconnect institutions of public governance with the British people.

Whilst the Federalist Party will continue separately, local chapters of Stand Up for Europe will also be established around the UK, starting in London, and will retain the organisation’s existing membership and associated resources. The two organisations are committed to work together and collaborate on common ground. 

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