The Federalist Party stands for the fundamental values of open and transparent governance, with power distributed in accordance with subsidiarity; of self-determination for nations, regions, communities and individuals; of a cosmopolitan society which is grounded in respect for basic human dignity and rights; and an economy built on decentralisation and environmental sustainability to ensure prosperity for future generations.

If you share with us these values and would like to help them grow, then please consider joining the party. We are dependent on the help and involvement of our members and our supporters, all around the UK and even elsewhere, and however much or little you might be able to contribute, you will be welcome!

As a member of the Federalist Party you can

  •   be part of a growing movement of shared values;
  •   take part in party meetings;
  •   help write our policies and manifestos;
  •   help set up new local branches;
  •   stand as a Federalist candidate.

The Federalist Party has a single, flat fee for membership of just £5.00 a year. To join the party, click on the button below and fill in the membership form. After your account is set up and you log in, you will be prompted to pay your membership fee.

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