The Federalist Party is a democratic and centrist party that exists to foster and promote a political system which is structured according to democratic and federalist principles and is founded upon a formal, written constitution which ensures the equality of each part of the union and grounded in grassroots democracy.


We live in a world of ever greater interdependence between individuals, groups, communities, regions and nations. In order to have an effective and efficient means of governing our society according to democratic principles, this interdependence demands governance at all levels of society, always balancing the need for co-operation to address common issues with the desire to take decisions at the lowest practicable level.

Subsidiarity and Grassroots Democracy

We believe that political governance should always be performed at the closest practicable level to the people affected, with higher levels of government performing only those tasks which cannot be effectively performed at a more local level. We believe that a truly democratic society must be built upon the empowerment of individuals and local communities.


We believe that interdependence and cooperation in a world organised according to federalist principles must not lead us to sacrifice our rights or our identities as individuals, communities and nations. We affirm the right of each nation and its people to determine for itself its political status and relationship to other nations; and the equality of all such communities, regions and nations.


Bound by our shared humanity as citizens of the World, we envisage the emergence of global democratic institutions to address issues of common concern, and able to ensure the peaceful coexistence of all nations and communities and the preservation of the abundant diversity of humanity.

Pluricultural Society

We understand that individuals and communities are not homogenous or monocultural entities, but are each composed of a plurality of different cultural, ethnic, religious, linguistic, sexual and other identities. We believe in a kind of politics which recognises and embraces the inherent diversity of humanity and encourages integration and mutual respect, whilst rejecting monoculturalism and segregation.

Sustainable Development

We believe that, given the dependence of humanity on the Earth’s finite resources for the endurance of human civilisation, and given the threat of ecological crises such as climate change, it is imperative that we seek forms of social and economic development that can meet the needs of everyone today, without endangering the ability of future generations to do the same.

Human Rights

We believe in the fundamental dignity of all individuals and communities, and embrace the codification inalienable rights of all individuals through the European Convention on Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and conventions on the rights of women, children, disabled persons, indigenous peoples, workers, migrants and refugees. We seek to further the civil, social, cultural and economic rights of all people.

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