The Federalist Party is a growing political party campaigning for political reform. We are an organisation supported, financed and run by our members. Meet our party’s leaders:

Robert Jones

Party Leader

Robert Jones has been Leader of the Federalist Party since February 2017, and was re-elected leader in January 2019. Robert is from Shropshire and works in agriculture. He is married and has three children. Robert has also studied with Open University to obtain a degree in International Studies. Robert was the Federalist Party’s first ever candidate in local elections, standing in 2017 for Shropshire Council.

Stuart Clark

Nominations Officer

Stuart Clark is currently a Federal Board Member and Nominations officer for the Federalist Party.
He was leader of the UK section of the European Federalist Party 2013-2017. He is active with other organisations such as Alliance Europa and Federal Union. As well as promoting federalism, Stuart also campaigns for constitutional and electoral reform. In 2018 he was a Federalist Party candidate in Lambeth. Stuart works for a global ticketing company and is based in London and Cornwall.

Stephan Nedregaard


Stephan joined JEF in 1992 and has been a strong advocate for federalism ever since. He was co-founder of the European Federalist Party and later the UK Federalist Party and has worked tirelessly to establish a federalist and regionalist political presence in the UK since 2007 while also being an active entrepreneur in London’s IT business community.

Alex Gunter

Federal Board Member

Alex is a Diplomacy and International Relations student in London but from Shropshire. Alex became a political activist in various different organisations, including Stand up for Europe, Alliance Europa and UKPEN. Alex joined the Federalist Party in 2018 and stood as a candidate in the local elections the same year in the London Borough of Haringey.

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