The Federalist Party is a democratic and centrist party grounded in the fundamental principles and values of democracy, transparency and accountability, sustainable development, ecological wisdom, respect for human rights and cultural diversity, internationalism, self-determination, peace and non-violence.

We recognise that we live in a world of interdependence. Between individuals, groups, communities, regions, nations and continents. In order to have effective and efficient organisation and governance of our society according to democratic principles, this interdependence demands that we work together at all levels of society, balancing the need for co-operation to address common issues with the desire to take decisions at the lowest practical level. We believe that in so doing, we must not sacrifice our rights or our identities as individuals, communities and nations.

We believe that federalism is the only political system which can effectively achieve these goals in an integrated and efficient manner, maximising co-operation and co-ordination at all levels whilst protecting and preserving individuality, diversity and independence. At the same time we believe that political decisions and laws should always be made at the closest practicable level to the people they affect.

The Federalist Party exists to foster and promote the development of a democratic federalist structure of government founded upon the solid base of a formal, written constitution which establishes the equality of each member of the union, whilst also facilitating grassroots federalism.

We believe in the intrinsic value of standing united in solidarity and cooperation with all other nations and peoples in Europe and around the World. We affirm that the European Union is vital to maintaining and achieving continued peace, security, stability, prosperity, social progress and environmental sustainability in Europe, including in the UK, irrespective of whether the UK is a full member.

We believe in the basic inalienable rights of all individuals established in the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We seek to further the fundamental human and civil rights of all people.

We recognise the extensive lack of democracy, transparency and accountability within and between the institutions of government and the resulting growing tide of apathy throughout the United Kingdom towards central government in Westminster in particular and politics in general. The rift between ordinary citizens and their political institutions must be closed and the democratic deficit addressed with a rigorous agenda of reform which places the nations of the UK on an equal footing and empowers our regions and communities to take charge of their own destiny.

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