Local Elections: Federalist candidate in Shropshire


Robert Jones, Federalist Party candidate for Ruyton and Baschurch in Shropshire

Robert Jones is standing as the Federalist Party’s candidate in the Ruyton and Baschurch ward in the local elections which are taking place on Thursday May 4th. Ruyton and Baschurch is large area which includes two large villages and a number of hamlets to the north of Shrewsbury. Shropshire’s former multi-tier local government was abolished in 2009 and replaced with a unitary authority despite the opposition of most of the former councils and many residents including those who rejected the proposal in local referendums. Robert’s campaign is focused on various local issues including the local democracy, housing, supporting local businesses, and traffic concerns. But the key issue for many voters in the area is the village’s rapid growth. Continue reading “Local Elections: Federalist candidate in Shropshire”