New Year Message from the Federalist Party of the United Kingdom

Dear friends, for most of us Monday 5th January is the start to our new year as we head back to work, and we take on the new challenges that 2015 offers us. We have four months ahead of us of the main political parties making false promises. Written to compete with the others message, by writers skilled at coming up with slogans and policies devoid of any real conviction, to be spoken by career politicians whose ambition trumps any sense of duty and service they may have once held.
But wait, there is something different in 2015!
They can no longer get away with it. The public has seen through this and have decided they want something different.
2014 will be remembered for the rise in nationalism in the UK and across Europe caused mainly by people looking for anything but the main political parties.

It’s time that we present a better alternative, one that doesn’t look for sections of our society to blame for our problems. We must show the merits of strengthened local government to end the failing system of centrialised government that has stagnated and can no longer provide any leadership. Wholesale reform of the houses of parliament is needed.

And it is only with your help that we can make this happen. I look forward to working with you in 2015 to make this happen.

UK Party Leader: Stuart Clark