Jeremy Corbyn’s election to Labour Party Leader is exactly what the stale old Westminster Parliamentary system needs. #federalAlliance

Everyone in the country will have some Corbyn policies they like and some they loathe, but what Mr Corbyn has, that has been sadly missing from Westminster for some time is true conviction and a belief in the policies he espouses. For too long now Westminster has been full of self-obsessed egomaniacs, who play the absurd Westminster parlour games. Everyone is tired of these conviction deprived opportunists. This could be a turning point in British politics, sparking a desire in the young to become engaged to create a future and others to get involved in decision making at a local level.
Far from being a bad thing, Corbyn’s election could call time on the ridiculous bland policical duopoly that has dominated for so long.
He probably has two years to prove himself and if he fails to win the arguments, Labour will have David Milliband ready and waiting – whatever happens there’s nothing better on offer right now and the British people are looking for something new and ever so slightly more honest.

UK Party Leader, Stuart Clark


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