Local elections 2018: Our candidates in London

Local elections are taking place on May 3 in many regions around the United Kingdom, including throughout London. The Federalist Party is fielding two candidates, one each in the boroughs of Lambeth and Haringey.

This is the second year in a row we have fielded candidates in the May local elections. The Federalist Party is a growing but still small party and so this represents an important step forwards for us, and gives more voters than ever before the opportunity to vote for what we stand for, democratic federalism where power is moved away from Westminster and centralised government into the hands of local communities.

Our candidates are Stuart Clark in the Prince’s ward of Lambeth and Alex Gunter in the Tottenham Green ward of Haringey. These are two excellent candidates and strong representatives of our party and its members and supporters throughout Britain. Local politics is at the heart of our federalist principles. We believe in putting local communities first and we are very keen to take our ideas and policies out into these two communities.

About the Federalist Party

The Federalist Party is a centrist political party campaigning to transform our democracy by moving power away from Westminster and into the hands of ordinary people and their own communities around the United Kingdom. Federalism means putting the nations, regions and communities on an equal constitutional footing. It’s not separatism or independence. Its democratic equality that embraces both diversity and interdependence.

Download the accompanying Press Release.

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