Kate Hoey MP – my undemocratic nightmare

Kate Hoey MP speaks about the EU having a democratic deficit. Well let me explain a few simple facts here. I have lived in Kennington for 22years and Kate Hoey has been my MP for all that time. She has a safe seat which means she pretty much has a job for life. I have voted in five General Elections here where my vote has not had any bearing on which government has been elected. I have not been able to vote for the Government of the day or for the Prime Minister. I have only been able to vote for my local MP and in a safe seat that vote is pretty worthless.
In the European elections however my vote can actually make more difference.
There are issues with the European Institutions. At EU elections we should be voting for EU parties and not national parties, the Commission and President should be elected directly by the people, but then so should our UK Prime Minister. And the Council of Ministers should be replaced by an elected chamber.
If Kate Hoey was really worried about democracy she would be advocating PR in the House of Commons and an elected 2nd Chamber. But then she would lose her job for life.
In a recent survey Lambeth was listed as the 4th most Europhile area in Britain, https://yougov.co.uk/news/2016/02/28/eurosceptic-map-britain/ so she certainly is not representing her constituents.
There are big challenges facing all of us in the European Union, but we can only overcome these challenges by working together, and we can only do that by moving closer to a Federal Europe. All the arguments being used currently in favour of us leaving the EU are the same arguments that can be used for us working together.
Kate Hoey should resign her seat and stand as an independent on her Grassroots out platform and see if she gets re-elected. Only then will I finally have a vote that counts.
Stuart Clark
Federalist Party of the United Kingdom

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