Election night message from the Federalist Party Leader

For the Lib Dems this election is crucial – they need the chance to prove themselves
The British public, still unsure of how coalition governments work, cannot disassociate the Lib Dems from the decisions made by the Conservative led coalition. This is unfortunate for them but also a lot of the blame lies with the way they have been too quick to back policies and decisions they would surely have criticised had they not been in government.
If Labour gets under 15 seats less than the conservatives tonight and the Lib Dems have over 20 seats then they may form a coalition with Labour. This would give Labour the comfort they need to be able to form a government without any deals with SNP and would give the Lib Dems the chance to prove that they can do what they say and work in Coalition with either party.
They also have the chance not to make the same mistakes they made in the last five years and keep a clear identity as a junior party.
This is the type of scenario we in the Federalist Party are hoping for as any minority government will surely advance the course of federalism and electoral reform that we espouse.
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Good luck tonight my federalist friends – however you vote.
UK Party Leader: Stuart Clark


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