Progressive Europeans: #EUfederaljourney

If a destination is desirable, then the journey is worth taking. The destination is a European Federation of nations with a federalist structure in place and the freedom of movement right for all citizens to move unencumbered anywhere in the federation.

Everything that is wrong with the European Union is caused because we have not reached this destination and do not have the required integration in place already.

So why are there is there such a vocal section of society, calling for us to abandon the journey altogether?
Because the journey is long and hazardous and requires commitment, self-belief, and there is no clear roadmap.
What is needed is National Leaders who are strong willed visionaries, who realise this, is our destiny. It was Churchill who wrote 21 October 1942:
‘Hard as it is to say now… I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible.’

What we see today is a French Prime Minister warning of the end of the EU, a German Chancellor struggling to unilaterally take decisions that would be easier if she was not the only one making the right choices, and a British Prime Minister saying he no longer wants to reach the destination but wants to keep walking anyway.

So for those of you worried that a federal Europe is no longer an attainable goal, or even a desired one – I say, do not worry. Like any journey, there will be setbacks, delays and hurdles. It may even be necessary to backtrack, and take a different route.

But we will get there, of that there is no doubt.

federal journey

-stuart clark
Federalist Party of the United Kingdom

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  1. The beauty of Brexit is that it focuses the minds of those who see not next weeks but next decades, it brings the goal closer and allows space for creative aspirers to surface.

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